Slimming Swimsuits

FRESNO, Calif.

Maybe a swimsuit that promises to make you look slimmer is the answer. This miraclesuit claims you can "look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds."

In its quest to find the perfect swimsuit, Consumer Reports Shopsmart recruited a few brave women to try out more than a dozen slimming suits.

"We got a fit professional to come in with her tape measure and her experienced eye to check out the women in the suits to see if they met their claims," Jody Rohlena said.

For Karen, Shopsmart found this $132 Victoria's Secret firm control crisscross shaping one-piece did trim all over. But even better, this $142 Tommy Bahama one-piece that promises a "flattering fit for any figure."

"It does slim you. It does do what it says it's gonna do," Karen Cerno said.

For Cherie Shopsmart liked this Spanx Woven Halter One-Piece for $198. The waist detail instantly slims. "With this suit when I was sitting down, I didn't feel as though I had to suck in my stomach, so that was a very huge selling point for me."

Even better -a less-expensive suit that took one and half inches off Cherie's waist. It's the Lands' End All-Over Control Slender Grecian Swimdress for $109. "I like that the skirt hides a lot of evils."

"The suits that claim to slim you, I mean they really did slim, and that's impressive, but not every suit looks good on every person. So depending on what your problem area is or how the suit happens to fit. It's really important to try on the suit before you buy it," Rohlena said.

So, hopefully, the next time you have to buy a bathing suit it's going to be a little less painful.

Consumer Reports says it's worth noting there's one type of slimming suit that didn't work for anyone on the swimsuit panel. It's the tankini, and well, it tanked for all three women, creating unflattering lines and bulges.

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