Yosemite National Park drowning victim's memory lives on

MERCED, Calif.

Greg's mother, Anetta Meyer said, "I never knew anyone who wanted to relive their childhood and he did."

A 17-acre ranch off of Yosemite Avenue in Merced was Greg's entire life, according to his parents Anetta and Chuck Meyer. Greg and his wife Paula spent all of their spare time on the ranch.

Greg's father, Chuck said, "Every evening at dusk they'd each get a glass of wine, take the babies and go in the golf cart and stop every so often and talk about this tree or that tree."

They planted trees, tended to the garden and had big plans to fix up the house so that one day, one of their twin daughters could move in, and take over as its third generation owners.

Anetta said, "They were gonna remodel it and put a 2nd floor in it so they could see up into the hills."

A lover of the outdoors, the family says he died last week doing what he loved most, hiking in the Yosemite National Park.

"This trip that he died on was the 5th they'd gone on as a group. He loved Yosemite Park," said Chuck. "Oh he loved Yosemite."

Meyer worked as a doctor at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in Whittier, near Los Angeles. He and physician assistant Richard Fox, were swept to their deaths when Fox tripped on the bridge and Greg reached for his friend.

Besides working and cooking at the ranch, one of his many interests was wine. On that same hiking trip, Meyer recreated the scene of his original wedding proposal seven years earlier. He asked his wife Paula to look for stones in the water. Instead she pulled out a bottle of wine. Now that he is gone, she along with Meyer's parents want to finish what he started, and continue to renovate the ranch.

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