1 of Fresno's top 5 auto thieves heads to prison

FRESNO, Calif.

Robert Gonzales agreed to a plea deal which included a prison sentence of more than five years. Gonzales wore a yellow jail jumpsuit as he pled "no contest" to two counts of auto theft and two other charges.

Prosecutors have had some trouble getting him in court because he's been released from the Fresno County jail 16 times. That's why they asked for immediate sentencing.

Chris Walsh, Fresno County Deputy District Attorney said, "We had certain stipulations that were a part of the deal, the most important of which was that he'd be sentenced today, he'd bite down on a strike as a result of these and hopefully won't be around Fresno for a couple years."

Fresno Police replaced Gonzales on their top five list. Then this afternoon, they arrested the new member of their top five, Jose Guerra.

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