McDonald's announces a healthier Happy Meal

FRESNO, Calif.

McDonald's will add a serving of fruit or vegetables to Happy Meals and shrink the portion of french fries included with the meals. Happy meal prices will not change but the contents of your kids meal will.

McDonald's is announcing the changes on Tuesday, but they will not take effect until September in some markets. The changes will then roll out to all 14,000 McDonald's restaurants in the U.S. by April of next year.

McDonald's said when it first experimented with cutting fries entirely from the Happy Meals some time ago, children and parents were not happy.

The new french fry portions will contain 1.1 ounces of potatoes, down from 2.4 ounces. As a healthy side dish, children and parents can choose from apple slices, carrots, raisins, pineapple slices or mandarin oranges.

McDonald's also said it is pledging to reduce the amount of sodium in its food by 15 percent. The company recently reduced the amount of sodium in its chicken nuggets by 10 percent.

On average, the new meals will represent a 20 percent decrease in calories. Additionally, the chain said it will work toward reducing sugars, saturated fat and calories by 2020.

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