ABC's Bachelor Pad brings back Clovis contestant

FRESNO, Calif.

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Action News had Kasey as one of our guests here on AM Live fresh off his appearance on ABC's hit reality show. He's back, and as interesting to watch as ever.

Clovis native Kasey Kahl wasted no time getting back into the thick of the drama. Both he and his girlfriend, former Bachelor winner Vienna Girardi, find their relationship challenged right off the bat -- with the appearance of Vienna's former love, Bachelor Jake Pavelka.

"It's not an ideal situation having to be in a room... knowing the bad things he's done to her."

The show features a collection of former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants picked to live in a house together while trying to win $250,000. They compete in physical challenges for immunity -- such as Monday night's aerial test of strength where the men had to hold the women as long as they could while suspended. Of course the two remaining pairs were Kasey and Vienna and Jake and his partner. Jake won immunity but Kasey says he'll work hard this season to get rid of his nemesis.

Thanks to their love triangle, and the producers' "nothing's off limits" approach, Kahl says viewers should expect a lot of drama this season.

"So intense, so much fireworks...gonna be crazy."

Kasey says the show actually strengthened his relationship with Vienna and the couple recently confirmed to People Magazine they're apartment shopping.

Bachelor Pad airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC30.

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