Jaleesa Ross taking her game to Iceland

FRESNO, Calif.

"First thing that popped into my head was 'Iceland? Really?'" said Ross. "I don't really hear too much about Iceland. I just kind of embraced it. Pro ball is pro ball. I'm living out my dream. So I was happy."

In the first week of September, Ross will leave her hometown of Pinole, California, and embark on a journey few basketball players ever get to take.

"They've seen game film on me and they know what I can do so I don't want to go out there and change what I do," Ross said. "They want me for what I brought to the table for Fresno State, so I'm going to go out there, be me, have confidence, and like I always had: Have a lot of fun."

Fresno State head coach Adrian Wiggins can't help but smile when talking about Ross's future plans.

"You can just sit back, it's like a grandparent," said Wiggins. "You just watch and see how they do and be proud of them."

And says he hopes Ross won't change a thing when playing for Hamar in the Icelandic Professional Basketball League.

"You have to show up every day," Wiggins said. "You have to work really hard, not make any excuses about it. She understands that and it's what has allowed her to succeed here at Fresno State. And if she takes those same characteristics into her pro career, I think she'll do well."

And Ross will be sure to represent Fresno State, and the Central Valley, every step of the way.

"Bulldog pride will be with me all the time," Ross said. "I want to go out there and get comfortable and play my game and hopefully that's good enough to continue to move up to better and better leagues out there in Europe."

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