Tulare high school teacher accused of sex with a minor

TULARE, Calif.

A South Valley teacher already facing child pornography charges has now been arrested for having sex with a minor. /*Carlos Tafolla*/, 39, is a teacher at Mission Oak High School in Tulare. In just two days the teacher was arrested for two felonies that involve lewd acts with minors.

As word spread on Tulare's Mission Oak High School campus that History and Freshman Studies teacher Carlos Tafolla had been arrested, many could not believe the charges he was facing.

"He's always talking to us, making sure we have the lesson understood and he just doesn't disrespect anybody," said student Jose Ocampo.

Ocampo said Mr. Tafolla one of the best teachers at Mission Oak High. "I have him for my AP U.S. History class and also I was going to have him for yearbook and I know he's not like that at least -- at least not in his personal life I know he's not like that."

The 39-year old is now facing charges for having sex with someone underage. He was arrested for the charge on Friday, just one day after being arrested on another felony, possessing child pornography.

"There as an ongoing investigation which led to the discovery that there was an additional violation of having unlawful sex with a minor, and on September 23rd he was arrested for that violation," said Sgt. Darron Altermatt with the Tulare Police Department.

"It does concern us. We will continue to monitor the police investigation and take whatever appropriate actions is necessary," said Alfonso Gamino, Assistant Superintendent.

Students have been advised to talk to counselors if they have questions or concerns about the investigation. Friday morning the Tulare High School District sent out an automated message to parents of students at Mission Oak telling them of Mr. Tafolla's arrest.

Tafolla remains out of custody on paid administrative leave. The District Attorney's Office has not filed formal charges in both cases.

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