"Sugar Daddy" websites claim to help struggling co-eds

FRESNO, Calif.

The sites claim to connect rich men to cash strapped college co-eds. They call it companionship -- but is it closer to prostitution?

This is one of the sites, SeekingTuition.com, claims to connect wealthy men to attractive college co-eds such as cheerleaders or sorority girls. The are men willing to paying for anything from rent, to tuition to new clothes -- but they don't specify what the young women must do in exchange.

Website recruiters are reportedly going to college campuses to sign up girls or placing pop-up ads when people seek "financial aid" or "tuition help" on search engines.

The tough economy has made these sites even more popular. One site called Seeking Arrangements has seen a 350-percent increase in membership from college students in the last four years. ---------

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