Fresno Unified's Career Readiness Pathway Program

FRESNO, Calif.

The district is getting ready to hold two career education nights to make students aware of all the possibilities available to them once they graduate.

Jose Ortiz is only a junior at Roosevelt High School, but he already he wants to be a doctor -- to help people out. So he enrolled in a 'Career Readiness Pathway Program' with the Fresno County Office Of Education to acquire the workplace skills and knowledge necessary for success after high school.

"There's so many disciplines. Medicine is just one of many -- and it's a profound opportunity to bring reality of career potential and life into their lives now," said Roosevelt Health Academy instructor Dr. Gene Poole.

Dr. Poole says Fresno Unified Students can enroll in 25 Pathway programs representing 14 industry sectors.

As part of the Health Academy, he says Ortiz -- and about 60 other students from area high schools -- spend several days a week at Community Regional Medical Center. They work side by side with doctors and nurses learning the industry and building relationships.

"They're actually accepted, brought along, educated and trained so they become part of the family down here."

"I help the patients seeing doctors, check their vital signs, their blood pressure," said student Rita Yorum.

Students say it's an opportunity to develop a respect for patients and workers in all fields and to gain an understanding of the educational and training requirements needed to do specific jobs.

If you're interested in a career in medicine or a job in other industries like business, construction or fashion design -- the Career Pathways event will take place Thursday from 5:30-7:30 p.m. At Sunnyside High School.

The address is 1019 South Peach Avenue.

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