Walmart Supercenter set to open next January in Clovis

CLOVIS, California

A /*Walmart Supercenter*/ will be the anchor store at Clovis and Herndon -- while several other retailers have also signed leases and are set to open up.

A few weeks ago, the dirt started turning here. This Walmart Supercenter is set to open in January of next year. Friday, we learned about several other additional businesses who have committed as well.

The ground is getting prepped to form and pour the foundation. And to show their commitment to Clovis, Walmart paid more than a million dollars in building permits and impact fees Thursday.

Action News has learned the current Walmart on Shaw near Peach will stay open, even with the construction of a new store. The property on Shaw is owned by the retail giant and underwent a massive remodel last year.

Several shoppers outside the Clovis Walmart say they are anxious to see a wider selection of groceries and services. Some customers think the city is big enough to support two locations.

Bill Ness said, "Maybe that's why they do want another one because it's pretty crowded here."

Lauren Shimer said, "You can get everything in one shot, you don't have to run all over the place and cash a check or do whatever you need to do."

A handful of other retailers have also signed leases and are ready to come to Clovis. Home Goods will open up another store at the center.

Fresno has had a /*Home Goods*/ in /*River Park*/ for several years. So far, the only store vacating another Clovis location to move to the new center, is /*Old Navy*/.

Other businesses that will be new to Clovis include /*Dress Barn*/, /*Petco*/, and /*Dick's Sporting Goods*/.

Clovis City Councilman Nathan Magsig says the shopping center has been nine years in the making, and is opening up at the perfect time. He said, "It's projects like this that generate revenue, put people back to work and I'm excited that this project is finally kicking off in the city of Clovis."

Now, Dick's Sporting Goods will be the first store opening, it is set to be completed in October. Several other stores are also interested in coming, but have not yet signed the lease.

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