Jurors deliberate Fresno foster father sex case

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Willie Green*/ was a foster father to seven kids, and also worked at a couple Fresno schools. Green can't deny his feelings of guilt over his relationship with his former foster daughter. He admitted as much in a phone conversation the 13-year-old girl recorded in March 2011.

"What happened has truly, truly messed up both of our lives because of the simple fact it should've never happened," he said in the phone call.

Green never directly admitted to specific acts, but he never denied them either. Still, defense attorney Franz Criego says the call only addressed two possible encounters.

"And that's all," Criego said. "Two events that have now been, as I call it, as a snowball runs down a mountain, has gotten larger and larger."

Prosecutors charged Green with six lewd acts on the 13-year-old girl, along with three counts of annoying or molesting another foster daughter, who was 16.

The younger girl walked into court Tuesday and listened as the defense attorney accused her of exaggerating. Prosecutor Gabriel Brickey countered that she had no reason to lie, and that the taped phone call backed up her story.

"I will die if it got out," Green said in the taped call.

"If what got out?" the alleged victim asked him.

"If you told someone," said Green.

In the call, Green admitted to betraying the very reason he became a foster father.

Brickey says he betrayed it in the worst possible way.

"The person she looked at as a father was having sex with her and how confusing can that be for a child pulled from her family and placed with a stranger," the prosecutor said.

Green faces about 20 years in prison if he's convicted on all counts.

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