Criminal charges dropped against Kings Co Sup Richard Valle

HANFORD, California

Richard Valle was arrested in 2010, after a woman came forward telling investigators he had sexually assaulted her.

The Attorney General's office took over the case after the Kings County District Attorney's Office cited a conflict of interest. A spokesperson says they could not prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Less than 20 months after Kings County supervisor Richard Valle was arrested and charged with five counts of sexual assault, he's now a free man.

Roger Nuttall, Valle's attorney said, "We have always maintained that Richard Valle did not commit any crimes. Whatever happened that night was consensual."

The controversy surrounding Valle started in September of 2010, when a 24-year-old friend of Valle's told officers he raped her at his Corcoran home while she was drunk and unconscious. Later, another woman came forward saying something similar happened to her in 2006.

Action News spoke to the alleged victim from the 2010 incident. Following Tuesday's announcement, the alleged victim stood by her story, and said she strongly disagrees with the Attorney General's office.

As for Valle's attorney, he maintains: it was the right decision to drop the case. "They considered all of the materials we presented as well as the discovery related to the case much of which pointed to the net result that this was not a case that should be prosecuted."

The alleged victim says she is trying to move on with her life.

Valle meanwhile is up for re-election in June. Beyond giving credit to his attorney, he did not release any further statement.

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