Nonstop Hawaii flight takes off from Fresno airport

FRESNO, Calif.

Airport officials are hoping the new flights will not only offer Valley residents an easier vacation flight but they anticipate bringing more tourists to the Valley.

Allegiant Air's first plane to fly from Fresno to Hawaii left on Sunday.

Maika Kellner was one of the 223 passengers taking the inaugural flight. She and her friends were excited for the convenient plane ride.

"We're a bunch of wives who are flying out to meet our husbands on port who are on training exercise with the Navy," Kellner said.

Tami Mannix is part of that group. She says this non-stop flight will free up much of her travel time.

Layovers for her not only cause travel troubles but they can be more costly.

"You have to get off the plane, reload, get food. So you're spending money there," Mannix said.

Passengers tell Action News that for two tickets they paid around a $1 thousand for their non-stop flights.

Costs of course vary based on things like fuel prices and season.

The airport tells Action News ticket prices will be competitive in hopes passengers keep the flights in the air.

"We really need the community and the region to support the service," Vikki Calderon of Fresno Yosemite International Airport said. "We need the airlines to see that there is a demand for the service, so that it remains here."

FYI has recently seen record numbers of airline passengers.

The flights to Hawaii are offered once a week. Passengers can leave Fresno on Sunday mornings and return Saturday evenings.

In addition to the non-stop flight to Hawaii, two daily flights to San Diego have recently been launched and Volaris has added and additional daily flight to Mexico for the summer.

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