Heat & humidity causing air conditioners to fail

August 15, 2012 12:00:00 AM PDT
As the Valley heat wave continues, air conditioning technicians say the combination of heat and humidity is causing some air conditioners to fail. Angel Moreno of D & S Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning is keeping busy during the triple digit temperatures. He said some of the problems he's seeing are caused by extra moisture in motors that haven't been properly serviced. "Due to the high humidity, most of the electrical components cannot take the heat and they either burn up or not make contact and the motors go out," said Moreno.

On day ten of the heat wave, crews with A-C Electric Co. didn't have the luxury of A/C. They work earlier shifts during the summer months but still put in long days under the sun. "We just drink a lot of water. We're used to it. We do it every year. It's no different," said Brent Bowers with A-C Electric.

And while people continue to work through the heat, leaving our animals at home and outside can put them at risk. At Veterinary Emergency Services, Dr. Carrie Strickland said she's seen dogs suffering from heat related symptoms. With no relief in sight, she continues to warn pet owners of the dangers. "People make the assumption when they leave for the day that their pet has shade. But what they don't realize is the shade moves during the day. So the shade that was there in the morning may not be there in the afternoon," said Dr. Strickland.