Valley residents head to the mountains on Labor Day

FRESNO, Calif.

"It makes me feel good inside to take the kids camping, fishing, swimming, you name it," said Monique Estrada. The ice cold water however isn't what the family's Chihuahua, Daisy, calls a great time. Monique's daughter, Autumn, says the pup would much rather run around and bark at people walking by.

Staff members at local rental companies say visitors are drawn to the area because of the much cooler temperatures at Shaver. Scott Brumback says, "Out of 120 properties we had about 6 rentals left so the last couple of days people realizing how hot it was in the Valley they came up last minute."

One Valley man made a trip up to the lake to propose to his girlfriend. Dathan Junge and his now fiancée, Angelyn, plan to get married in about a year.

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