Bulldog fans battle heat to witness a hot game

FRESNO, Calif.

The temperature at Bulldog Stadium reached the century mark at an earlier than usual kickoff time.

"It's excruciating hot. I'm sweating all over the place, my back is sweating but hopefully it gets a little cooler," said Bulldog fan Brian Santiago.

The game was moved up two hours to 5 p.m. to allow for some national television exposure.

"Normally we play these games in the early part of our season at 7 p.m. kick off. But national TV is here today. National TV dictates the time we start the game," said Associate Athletic Director Paul Ladwig.

School officials took extra measures to keep people hydrated and safe during the game. At every concession stand there were cups of water and if the heat got to be too much, there were cooling fans were blowing cold air to keep people comfortable.

Before the game, Bulldog fans tailgating near the stadium were also trying to keep cool. One fan brought his own fan, complete with a generator to get in a nice breeze.

But the heat was too much for some people -- including some band members who suffered from heat exhaustion. Paramedics were on hand to treat several people for heat related illnesses. But the extreme heat didn't keep away die hard fans.

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