Hot weather hitting Valley agriculture

FRESNO, Calif.

From not exercising outside to high energy bills and agricultural issues, most everyone will admit we're all pretty tired of the heat.

Vy Horn has a lot to worry about these days. He's had to cut back on employees and cut back on orders.

He blames it all on the weather.

"Yeah, nothing to sell. Because the color is green when the weather's hot," Horn said.

These persimmons are supposed to be darker in color - a brighter orange. He says he can't sell them when they're green. This time of year is when he's usually shipping them around the country.

But instead he's scaling back his operation, waiting out the weather and focusing on other crops.

Which also means we're all running our air conditioners on over time and our bills aren't getting any lower.

"If you have windows that face the sun at any time of day, close the blinds, close the curtains, it'll reduce the ambient temperature in the house," Denny Boyles of PG&E said.

PG&E also recommends buying a programmable thermostat. That way- you're not cooling or heating an empty house.

It's late summer, early fall challenges but it's not all bad.

Nursery workers will tell you there's no better time to plant than right now.

"You want to get things in before it gets too cold, we're having cooler nights. You won't have to water as much," Stephanie Preheim of Riverside Nursery said.

And she says at least it's better than an early frost.

As for your energy bill, if you're struggling to make it there are programs available. PG&E urges valley residents to call before the bills stack up.

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