Local gun sales boom after election

FRESNO, Calif.

The reason behind the increase varies, depending on who you talk to, but whatever the reason, local businesses can't stock the shelves fast enough.

Steve Craig loves guns. In fact the former Army corporal, turned farmer, feels empty without one.

"Some of our farms are a mile from my house, you're out in the middle of nowhere, doing night work, what do you have to protect yourself with?"

Right after the election, Steve, and many of his gun toting friends started to buy up.

"Immediately after the election we had people coming in and buying rifles, buying handguns," said Todd Houlding with Houlding Precision Firearms.

Houlding says there was a similar effect in 2008 when Obama was first elected. While sales aren't as dramatic this time around, many gun dealers are reporting an increase.

They admit it's that time of year -- holidays are around the corner, but they also fear that tighter legislation is heading to California's already strict hold on guns..

"Passing more gun control is akin to making it harder for sober people to buy cars because of drunk drivers," said Houlding.

Houlding said his sales increased 30-40 percent in a week -- with the top seller being handguns. He also said the distributors are having a hard time keeping up.

"They're telling us you know, it's January, we won't see product till June, they're a million guns behind," said Houlding.

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