Fresno man allegedly suffocates his grandmother

FRESNO, Calif.

Fendley's family did not show up to court Friday morning, they said they are afraid of him and devastated by his actions.

Although Fendley's own mother and aunt say he is crazy, they believe the murder was premeditated. And he told his aunt about the crime Thursday in jail.

/*Travis Fendley*/ pleaded not guilty Friday morning to murdering his grandmother, 78-year-old Joyce Frazier, the last person family members say still hadn't given up on him. His attorney Jane Boulger said Fendley was not able to tell her a lot.

Boulger said, "Someone will be going to see him for a lengthy interview to determine where he's at mentally as it's clear this is someone with mental illness issues."

Across town, Travis' mother and aunt say their lives are ruined. Thursday evening Becky Alford went to visit her nephew in jail, to ask him about the murder.

"At first, he wasn't even going to talk about it," Alford said. "He was just bragging about wrecking his mom's car. Finally i said, why did you kill grandma, and he said why not? And the whole time I'm in there he had a smile on his face."

Alford says Fendley also described trying to commit suicide Tuesday when he drove 110 miles an hour before rear ending another car in Merced County. Fresno police say he threatened to kill his mother then demanded her car and headed north.

After his court appearance, Fendley's own mother said her son can never be free, because of his mental instability and desire to kill. Pam Frazier says in the past, he's tortured and killed animals, stabbed a sibling and even threatened to rape his grandmother.

"We know, he's lost his mind, he does know wrong and right though," Pam Frazier said. "He knew exactly what he was doing."

Alford says even though Fendley talks to many voices, and has serious mental problems, she still spoke from the heart Thursday until he ended their time together on a bad note.

"I couldn't take it no more and I says Travis I come to tell that I love you and i know it wasn't you who killed grandma," Alford said. "He looked at me with a cold face and said you know you didn't come here for me. You come here to benefit yourself."

Family members say they feel responsible for Joyce Frazier's murder, even though they begged mental health workers and even jail staff to keep Fendley locked up.

Fendley remains in jail, his bail was set at $1.1 million.

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