Faculty in uproar over Valley student leaking state test

FRESNO, Calif.

Staff members at Reedley High School are now dealing with that student who took a photo of a state standardized test and posted it online.

"The kids are trying so hard and for this person to have done that, that's not right," said Flora Garcia.

School leaders are also disappointed because the student took a photo and leaked it. "When something like this happens, it takes you back. It's a blow," said principal Rodney Ciseneros.

Ciseneros says that leak happened sometime on Tuesday morning during the English portion of the California STAR Test. Before every state standardized test, all students are given the same instructions. "The kids are asked very carefully that your cell phones are away turned off, all your electronics put away, turned off," added Ciseneros.

The California Department of Education monitors social media and caught that picture. The Department says it takes these violations very seriously. In a statement a spokesperson said, "In the event of a security breach or a "testing irregularity," districts must immediately notify the Department. Compromises to valid and reliable test results can result in schools being deemed ineligible for awards programs, and possible delays in the dissemination of results to districts."

Staff members say they don't think the student planned to share any answers with his classmates, but he is now on a five day suspension.

Some parents are calling on school leaders to change the rules on future exams. "They should confiscate phones or just take them aside or just leave them on a table," said Garcia.

Last year California public schools' standardized test scores were delayed after students posted hundreds of pictures of questions and answers online. One student was even linked to a Tulare County School. But in this case, teachers say they are not expecting any delays in test results.

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