Mother of a Fresno toddler talks after hit-and-run

FRESNO, Calif.

Little Vyeshon Jones is running around just like a normal 2-year-old. But his life was literally flipped upside down Tuesday night, when a car slammed into an apartment building, going through the bedroom where he was asleep.

The boy's mother, La'vonda Garland says she was in the living room when she heard a loud bang, and then chaos.

Garland said, "I had my baby girl in my arms so I'm screaming for somebody to get help me get my baby."

She says she tried going into the room, but couldn't get through the door.

"Smoke everywhere, just smoke everywhere," said Garland. "This dresser was up against this wall. It was pushed in front of the door so I couldn't run in."

That's when Lavanda ran outside the apartment screaming for help when a neighbor ran in to pull the boy out.

The impact from the collision threw Vyeshon from the mattress to the other side of the bedroom, pinning him between the wall and a dresser.

Garland said, "5 - 10 seconds later, the guy, Johnny come running out the apartment with my son in his arms, so I take him and I'm just embracing him, kissing him, seeing if he's okay."

Several days later, the family thanked Johnny Castillo for his heroic actions.

"It broke my heart because they were crying, they were thanking me," said Castillo. "It was a good feeling, I was just glad I see the kid, I gave him a hug."

And while Garland says it's a miracle her son wasn't injured more severely, she hopes the hit and run driver turns himself in.

"I just hope they realize what they could have done," said Garland. "And for them to leave, that's a coward move, they could have hurt anybody."

Fresno police have not made an arrest in the case. But say they are following a number of leads.

The family has been placed in a hotel by the Red Cross but they say they plan on moving out.

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