Fresno baby boy born on the way to Clovis Community

FRESNO, Calif.

Baby Warner Gibbs is already a precious sight to his parents, but this bundle of joy entered the world on the fast track. On Monday, May 13th with just two weeks until Leigh Anna's due date, when her water broke.

"It was my first baby so the contractions were strong," said Leigh. "Looking back I went from zero to ten in five minutes."

The first time parents thought they would have a long night in the hospital. They were heading to Clovis Community down Herndon, when things quickly changed.

Leigh explained, "I told Sam, I think I'm having this baby in the car and he said 'you're fine, just take deep breaths. We'll get there.'"

But baby Warner was already on his way.

"At this time, the heads out and I'm like oh gosh let's get moving," said Sam. "I ran a couple of red lights and I'm getting on the 168."

"I had this urge to push so I just had," said Leigh. "I pushed him out and scooped him up in my arms and put him up against my chest because that I knew to do."

Leigh Anna delivered her own baby with no pain medication.

"I just had such an adrenaline rush," said Leigh. "I was so scared that he wasn't going to be okay. I didn't even think about the pain. Once we got to the hospital I told Sam this wasn't too bad I could do this again."

The family pulled up to the emergency room, minutes after Warner came into the world.

"A lot of them don't believe it," said Sam. "When I called my mom when we were in the hospital a couple of hours later and it was said and done she said 'no you're lying, stop it.' And I finally had to tell her eight, or nine times that no we had a baby in 48 minutes."

It's a story that many find miraculous, a healthy baby delivered on the road. And although baby Warner came into this world setting the pace, his parents say they're just fine with slowing down for a while.

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