Merced police sergeant takes stand in double amputee taser case

MERCED, Calif.

Attorneys for Gregory Williams say the double amputee was humiliated, as he was left nearly naked, and in public. Williams believes his Constitutional rights were violated, but Merced police believe their actions were justified.

Jurors saw a video similar to the one we obtained from the Merced Sun-Star. Jurors heard Gregory Williams screaming -- Merced Police Sergeant Rodney Court said he had no choice -- but to order his officer to tase Williams.

Court said he was worried for Williams, for his safety- and for the safety of his two year old. The Sergeant also said the officers felt outnumbered by the large crowd that was looming outside the apartment complex.

It was September of 2009. Police had responded to a domestic violence call from William's wife.

Sgt Court said on the stand, that they repeatedly told Williams he was going to be arrested and according to them, Williams got increasingly angry.

In September of 2009, Williams told the Merced Sun-Star, "How much resisting I'm going do with no feet? No legs? How much resisting am I going do?"

His attorneys said, Williams was just answering questions. They say the double amputee posed no threat, and that Williams was injured after he was tased with a 50 thousand volt taser. They also say Williams was humiliated, with his pants down and his genitals exposed.

Shortly after the incident, Chief Norm Andrade said, "The safety of the child and the domestic violence victim were our main concerns throughout the incident."

The 44 year old went to jail and was released six days later. His attorneys now say this entire trial is about the violation of his civil rights and that Williams is owed damages, for what he went through.

Testimony will resume in the morning, and attorneys have said they expect it to wrap up by Friday afternoon.

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