One woman crime spree plagues Downtown Fresno, police say

FRESNO, Calif.

Chief Jerry Dyer said, "She is somebody that needs to go to not just jail, but prison- she's victimized countless people in our community" and that "enough, is enough."

Action News obtained an internal department memo in which police detail the 33 times they've had contact with the 32 year old Magnolia. She's actually been arrested 35 times and 29 of those have been in downtown Fresno.

Dyer said, "She is victimizing people primarily in the downtown area, thumbing her nose at the criminal justice system."

Since last October, police say Sarah Magnolia has broken into and stolen cars. Most recently she was caught trying to steal change out of someone's car. Police arrested her and took her to jail but the time she spends behind bars is never very long.

"She's generally released within a few hours and we have arrested her time and time again on a weekly basis."

The Sheriff's Office which oversees the Fresno County Jail said the reason she doesn't stay in is pretty simple.

Chris Curtice, Public Information Officer for the Fresno County Sheriff's Office said, "Right now we have more criminals than we have space in the jail".

He said they work to make room and keep the worst offenders behind bars. The crimes Sarah Magnolia is accused of have not been in that category.

"If there's not room, and they meet the criteria to be released, they'll be released."

Chief Jerry Dyer said he wants to know when she's next arrested. They're talking about getting a special judge, or going to other means to not only keep her in custody, but force her to appear in court.

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