Dinuba man offers reward for stolen Sago Palms

DINUBA, Calif.

Sidhu Singh discovered on Tuesday morning that several of his Sago palms were stolen. The plants cost hundreds of dollars but he doesn't plan to press charges if the thief turns themselves in. Instead, he plans to reward the person.

Singh takes pride in making sure his convenience store set to open next month gives customers a great experience. He's often seen watering the palms on his property to keep the surroundings pretty, "People stop by and say "Hey Sidhu, it looks really nice." I just want to be excited for whatever I am doing and I like doing landscaping, "said Singh.

Early Tuesday morning he noticed someone had dug up and stole several of his prized plants. He's so upset because in his 10 years of running convenience stores, no one has ever stolen anything. Around these parts he's known as a do-gooder. He sponsors softball games and often gives away food to the hungry. Word of his kindness has spread to the police department who are working to catch the crook. "The victim in this particular crime is a supporter of this community, a supporter of the police department," said Lt. Russell Son.

Perhaps that kindness explains why this victim is offering a $300 reward to the thief and even throwing in the extra incentive of feeding the crook, once a week – for an entire year. "This is an unheard of situation seeing a crime victim reward his perpetrators and that's exactly what he's doing," said his landlord, Otis Denney.

Singh believes most people who steal may just need an extra dose of kindness. "Maybe they need the money for their kid, or for Christmas gift or thanksgiving gift," said Singh.

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