Multiple arrests made in Edison High School teacher shooting

FRESNO, Calif.

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Fresno police say a 17 year-old and three 16 year-olds were on the lookout for innocent people when they found two victims near Edison High School.

On December 19th, investigators believe the teens going through a gang initiation process spotted a 62 year-old woman on Irwin Avenue less mile from the school. "They began to beat her and knocked her to the ground and continued to kick her while she was on the ground," said Chief Jerry Dyer.

In a news conference Chief Dyer detailed how the suspects then ran to Edison High School. There they spotted their second victim -- a teacher working after hours.

Officers say the teens armed with a hand gun tried to steal his laptop. "Walked in and asked the teacher if he wanted to be shot. The teacher put his hands up in air," said Dyer.

A wrestling match kicked off before the teen shot the teacher in the stomach and leg. Action News has learned the teacher was able to get a hold of the gun before they got away. "Ultimately he did get the handgun and placed it against the chest of the 17 year -old and attempted to fire the weapon however it did not fire," added Dyer.

Hours later that 62 year-old victim came forward and told investigators about the assault. She led them to several houses where they got their big break - a bullet matching one found at the crime scene.

Detectives say surveillance video traces at least one suspect to the crime scene.

Fresno Unified superintendent Michael Hanson and his staff are grateful for the arrests. "In a way that makes everyone in our school system and city feel a lot better tonight. I can't say anything other than this is the best Christmas present ," said Hanson.

The teacher is healing and is home with family members.

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