Toddler uses FaceTime to help mom after dog bite


Anywhere you look these days you can see a young kid glued to the screen of a phone or a tablet. And usually it's a battle for parents to limit that screen time. But here's an example where the tech-savvy of these younger generations truly saved the day.

Babies on smartphones, toddlers on tablets, questionably too young to tech. But in Tucson, it made one little boy a hero.

Laura Toone was out for a walk when a foster dog she was caring for attacked one of her dogs. She tried to break it up but instead he took a big bite off her finger.

"I begged my daughters to call 911 and they're 4," she said. "And they were quite afraid to even touch the phone because it was covered in my own blood."

Laura, about to pass out, needed help right away. Just in the nick of time, 2-year-old Bentley Toone saved the day.

"Here comes my son from the kitchen bringing me our dish towel and proceeded to call my friend on FaceTime," Laura said.

Bentley, always on the iPhone, is known for making his fair share of prank FaceTime calls. Usually many of Laura's friends like Connie Guerrero ignore the ring, but not this time.

"Something inside of me just told me that I needed to answer this FaceTime," Connie said.

And it was a good thing she did.

"All I could see was his little forehead and I said 'hi Bentley,' and it was quiet for a little bit and then I hear Laura screaming," she said.

Those screams had Connie calling 911 right away. When the firefighters got there, Bentley was at the door to let them in.

A true hero for a mom in need.

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