Amtrak train collides with commercial truck in Winton

WINTON, Calif.

The crash, which involved Train 718, happened at 8:35 p.m. about 14 miles east of the Turlock station, according to Kimberly Woods with Amtrak Media Relations. A passenger told Action News that the accident occurred near Santa Fe Drive and Winton Way.

There were 56 passengers on board the train, Woods confirmed. No injuries were reported, but there were some scary moments.

"All of a sudden we felt like the train hit something; we heard a loud crash," Antonio Badillo, a passenger, told Action News over the phone. "We were actually on the first cart, the one closest to the impact, and there was a loud noise, and most of us screamed because we felt that the train had like fallen off the track."

A photo taken at the scene showed containers of potato chips littering the roadway after the crash.

The train was delayed because of damage to the cab car, according to Woods. Amtrak officials have not decided if the train will continue on the rail, or if passengers will be moved to another train.

The train is the San Joaquin that travels between San Francisco and San Diego.

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