Two dead after gunfire in the Tulare County town of Lindcove


People in this quiet, rural area of Tulare County say just before 11pm Tuesday night, they heard a barrage of gunfire at a corner house on Avenue 314 and Road 226.

Lash Lilienthal said the more than 30 shots were fired. He believes gunfire lasted for more than three minutes.

Lilienthal said, "Boom boom boom and it just kept going the gun powder the smoke you could see the smoke drifting away after the cars left it was still drifting in the air as it was going into the orchard."

Tulare County Acting Sheriff Mike Boudreaux says little can be released about the investigation right now, but confirmed two people were shot dead. He said when deputies arrived, the victims were not found inside the home.

Boudreaux explained, "They were found outside the home, at the residence itself they were not on the street they were actually on the property of the residence behind us."

Investigators spent all night and day at the house, collecting evidence. They also removed a car, two horses and several other animals from the property. People who live on this street say the gunfire initially sounded like firecrackers erupting on the street.

"They rang out like machine guns almost," added Lilienthal. "It just, someone was pulling a trigger as fast as they could. It just wouldn't stop. It was kind of scary because you couldn't tell if a bullet was going to come this way."

Investigators are still looking for the suspects in this case.

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