Southeast Fresno wedding chapel vandalized twice

FRESNO, Calif.

The Ventura Wedding Chapel is in Southeast Fresno on East Ventura Avenue. The manager of the wedding chapel came to work on Monday morning to find broken windows and paint splattered everywhere. But just as he was cleaning up the mess, the man he believes is the suspect came back.

The wedding chapel's staff believes they're under attack. Luis Rosales has been managing the Ventura Wedding Chapel for roughly two years, and during that time he says he's dealt with many acts of vandalism as recently as nine months ago.

"It's something that was directed at this place of business; you know I don't think it's anything random," said Rosales.

Sometime between midnight and 1 a.m. Monday, a man is caught on film driving onto the property, throwing what looks like paint on the sign and possibly even smashing a window.

"Somebody mixed some type of chemicals, and they broke the window, and they tried to pour them in which they were successful," said Rosales.

But it didn't end there. After speaking with police, the chapel was hit again. Rosales was cleaning the damage from Monday morning when the man that he believes is the same suspect from the surveillance video showed up.

"This character just drives up in this little Prius and threatens me, and says he's going to come back and shoot me," said Rosales.

"We don't know if that's related. There is some surveillance camera that captured possibly the suspect," said Lt. Jose Garza with the Fresno Police Department.

Police haven't positively identified the suspect from Monday afternoon or early in the morning, but Rosales says it may be a disgruntled competitor trying to hurt business.

"Maybe a greedy competitor, or something like that, but we don't do that much business for anybody to be concerned," he said.

Investigators say they haven't identified the suspect or suspects yet, but if arrested they face misdemeanor charges for vandalism.

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