Photographer offers free mini shoots to Valley restaurants struggling during pandemic

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Inside Viva! Be Bowl'd, fresh bowls are created every day. Now, their Mexican-Asian fusion creations are coming to life one picture at a time.

"Anytime we post something on Facebook or Instagram, we're getting new traffic that comes in letting us know we saw it on Facebook, we saw it on Instagram," said Janice Keith, Viva! Be Bowl'd social media manager.

Social media and the internet has been huge during the pandemic as people look online for food options from the comfort of their home.

These pictures can mean business. Especially restaurants that've been closed or had to shut down their dining options.

"We were really new in March. We were still really like a baby as far as businesses go. So it's been a slow burn, but with social media and with Mike's help we're staying afloat," Keith said.

Mikel Zaremba runs a digital agency. Right now, he is offering to shoot food and products for small business owners for free if they've been impacted by the pandemic.

"What's the best thing that I could do right now to help an industry that I'm passionate about? That was to be able to go and do this," said Mikel Zaremba, Mikel James Digital Owner.

For mom and pop shops, Zaremba does a mini photoshoot and gives them copies of the pictures to post. Hopefully, it gives them a chance to find hungry customers or entice them to support local establishments.

"The businesses I've been able to help so far have been extremely grateful. They understand what's going on. That it's a service and product they're getting delivered that's hopefully going to help them survive this lockdown," Zaremba said.

As for Viva! Be Bowl'd, they're thankful to be able to showcase their creations and appeal to a wider audience.

You can contact Mikel at his website or 559-458-3929.
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