Mother bear and cub enjoy afternoon on school playground

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Sunday, September 26, 2021
VIDEO: Bears enjoy NC school's playground
All mothers know sometimes an afternoon at the playground is the perfect way to wear out your youngster.

ASHEVILLE, North Carolina -- A mother bear and her cub brought delight to the staff at an elementary school in North Carolina.

The bears were seen Tuesday, Sept. 21, playing together on the elementary school's playground.

Fifth-grade teacher Betsie Stockslager captured video of the bears as they played.

"Y'all - seriously! This happened today," Stockslager wrote on Instagram. "It made me so happy to watch this mama bear entertaining her cub and playing on our playground...this was after school, ya know - that time in the afternoon when you just have to take your kid to the playground to get their energy out!"

Stockslager said it's not unusual for bears to walk onto the school's campus. In fact, all the students are well trained in safety protocols in the event of a bear showing up during school hours.

In this case, with very few people on campus when the bears arrived, the teachers said they decided to relax and spend about half an hour watching the bears play.

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