Travel in the danger zone with Nat Geo series 'Trafficked: Underworlds with Mariana Van Zeller'

National Geographic takes viewers to some of the world's most dangerous black markets

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'Trafficked: Underworlds with Mariana Van Zeller' Nat Geo's wild ride
'Trafficked: Underworlds with Mariana Van Zeller' travels to the danger zone, some of the most menacing places on earth.

LOS ANGELES -- It's one of the wildest travelogues you will ever see. "I'm your underworld correspondent," host Mariana Van Zeller recently told On The Red Carpet, "I'm the person who goes to the places most people run away from!"

Each episode of "Trafficked: Underworlds with Mariana Van Zeller," a spinoff of "Trafficked" the Nat Geo hit series which has 5 seasons, is an exploration of the dark and often dangerous inner workings of the global underworld.

From the illegal trade in body parts to the smuggling of brides, the award winning journalist takes viewers on a wild and eye opening ride. "I think most people don't know, but these black markets are actually half of the of the world's economies, yet we know so little of them because they are secretive."

And now that Mariana has years of investigations under her belt, what's the most dangerous encounter she's had? "It happened this season, we were in Africa investigating a scarm, and we got caught in a military coup."

Check out "Trafficked: Underworlds with Mariana Van Zeller," premiering January 17 on Nat Geo and streaming on Hulu the next day.

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