Businesses Urged to Conserve Water

City of Fresno's Commercial Conservation program can help.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- While residents across California are being asked to cut back on watering their lawns and take shorter showers, businesses -- from restaurants to manufacturers -- are doing their part to conserve too.

With his tool belt ready, Don Wells is ready to save water. With every faucet, fountain and every flush, the City of Fresno's "commercial conservation representative" can track down any water wasting leaks. Wells conducts water surveys to help local businesses identify ways to save... peeking at pipes and valves. Wells explained, "We are experiencing a different kind of busyness because of all the mandates of the state. We're getting more and more requests. You asked if we are busy. Yes. That's typically what we're busy with. Helping people reduce water." And it's working. While the city hasn't reached the mandated 25% reduction yet, every month usage is going down: "We're very proud of our community because they've done a great job in reducing and we anticipate they'll do even better."

Every little bit helps. At the Elbow Room Bar and Grill in Northwest Fresno, the faucets were upgraded with motion sensors and they're considering installing water-free urinals. The new, more efficient dishwashers are only run when full. Any leaks are immediately addressed. As for diners, water is served by request only. Owner Mike Shirinian says, "I know from my fellow restaurateurs in the area that I've talked to, they're very conscious of it and we're not trying to deny the customer anything because if you want it, we'll provide it for you. But we don't want to be wasteful of it. Once you've gone through what we've gone through drought-wise the last couple of years let's just make it a way of life and I think it's prudent." He says customers and employees are on board with the changes. And they're always looking for more ways to save... from the outside, in.

To sign up for a free water survey for your business or for a checklist of more water saving ideas, click here.
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