Consignment store helping people make money and dress affordably

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Shop, sell and repeat, that is what people have been doing for years at Fresno consignment store Repeat Performance. The purple painted store is a stand out on Van Ness Avenue near Floradora.

"We're kind of in a hidden place and kind of a hidden gem, but it is worth the visit and people generally come back over and over and over again," said Owner Gwynn Clark.

From dresses to dress shirts, there is something for the whole family. It is a resale store, but things work a little differently here since it is consignment. Clark said their customers get back 40% to 60% of an items sale price after it sells.

"Freshly laundered, pressed on hangers if it is garments, all cleaned up just like it's new or frequently new and we sell for them," said Clark.

If it does not sell right away it stays on shelves for six months. The longer it is up for grabs the lower the price can get. Each item is color coordinated based on their discount level. It helped employee Heather Like years ago when she was going through a tough time.

"I became a single parent when my son was two, almost three and I was struggling trying to find how am I going to do this, so I came across repeat performance," said Like.

They also sell to an even bigger audience online via eBay. They also support organizations around town, helping people dress for success and on a budget. Anyone who wants to sell must make an appointment and anyone who wants to buy can go in seven days a week.
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