Car break-ins in Visalia

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Some homeowners on Noyes Court in Visalia are on alert after two people had their vehicles broken into.

Allen Fountain woke up to his neighbor informing him his Ford pickup truck had been the subject of a smash and grab. He says thieves took off with his toolbag that had more than a $1,000 worth of tools in it.

"All I have to say is why", said Fountain. "Why my neighborhood?"

Cara Hutchins has the same question. She did not have anything stolen out of her car, but was left with a $185 window replacement fee.

"I worked real hard to get my car," said Hutchins. "I hadn't even had it for a whole year and this happens."

Visalia Police were given surveillance video from a neighbor's home that captures a suspect walking around, holding a flashlight and looking into vehicles.

While authorities continue to search for that person, they are encouraging people to not leave valuables inside their cars.

"Take them with you inside the house so that there is nothing visible," said Lt. James Andrews. "If you are forced to leave valuables, make sure they are hidden so you don't become a victim of a crime of opportunity."
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