Home camera captures dramatic encounter between cat, coyote

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017
Cat unscathed after dramatic coyote encounter
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Home surveillance footage out of Denver captured the dramatic moment a coyote approached a cat.

A Denver resident witnessed the moment when a coyote approached the wrong cat, and it all unfolded right outside his door.

Jason Zaffuto happened to be watching his home surveillance camera early Monday morning, when the wild animal approached, he told the Denver Channel.

Outside was a stray cat who Zaffuto and his wife had been feeding. When the coyote approached, the cat could be seen cautiously surveying the bigger animal before taking a swipe at it.

The coyote recoiled and backed off, though seconds later it pursued the cat off the porch and out of view of the camera. Zaffuto ran outside to help the cat. He said the stray showed up later, unscathed.

He told the Denver Channel it's a good reminder to keep pets inside in areas with a dense coyote population.