FUSD considering making adjustments to Major Terry Slatic censure

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's been 161 days since the Fresno Unified School District board voted in favor of censuring Trustee Major Terry Slatic.

The unanimous vote with one abstention came after several incidents involving the board member.

The censure cites four incidents where Slatic is considered confrontational and acting outside of the scope of the trustee position-- including this moment captured on Bullard High school surveillance.

In Wednesday's board meeting, the trustees plan to consider modifying said censure.

"The trustees will have a discussion on what they believe should be changed, and we'll move forward based on their direction," says FUSD Chief of Staff David Chavez.

The censure removes Slatic from overseeing any committees and mandates he is accompanied by a school site representative if on school property, among other things.

The discussion became an agenda item after an email request to the board president to remove the censure.

"This is an informal attempt to have you remove an illegal censure, and I have checked that box," Slatic said.

Slatic says the portion of the censure requiring the completion of an anger management course is unconstitutional and plans to take this before a judge if not removed.

"They had a basic right, an absolute right to order him to take anger management," says Legal Analyst Tony Capozzi. "He doesn't have to do it if he doesn't want to."

Capozzi reviewed the censure that was drafted by the district's legal counsel.

He says Slatic has grounds to take legal action against the district, naming the board, if he's unable to fulfill his duties, representing his constituents, as an elected trustee.
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