Central Fresno apartment complex without heat as temps drop

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- At Manchester Gardens, nothing but cold air comes out from the vents. Rita Sconiers has exhausted every means to stay warm.

"I shouldn't have to live like this, this is not right."

As the Valley gets chillier every night, tenants of the Central Fresno apartment complex claim they've been forced to endure freezing temperatures. The building has been without heating since spring, but it didn't become dangerous until now. Tenants have piled on blankets, bought space heaters, and repeatedly called social workers for help. Others have resorted to unsafe, alternative heating methods.

"I have medical problems that I have to deal with. I have to turn on my oven and raise up my PG&E bill to keep my apartment warm," said Orfelina Anderson.

Tenants say their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. When Rita started making a ruckus to get it fixed, she says she was slapped with a warning.

"Everybody knows when you complain about a housing issue, they try to remove you. I'm not the problem, they are."

Property manager Michael Kirby doesn't dispute the fact there is a problem with the heating, but he says the notice he served on Rita is a separate matter having to do with noise complaints.

"All I want to say is I apologize to the tenants, again I'm a tenant here as well. I apologize for the delay. I don't quite understand the reasons to cause it to happen. I hope everyone hasn't been too uncomfortable."

Kirby says a plumber is coming out this week to finally take a look at a damaged pump.

There is still no estimate as to when the heater will be fixed.

The tenants say that's more progress they've seen management make all year.

ABC30 also reached out to the city of Fresno. Officials say they've only received one complaint about this property that was filed Monday morning. They plan to send out an inspector on Tuesday.

If you have a similar problem with your apartment complex, the city says the best way to file a complaint is to go through the FresGo App.
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