Central Unified School District announces new superintendent

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Thursday, May 12, 2022
Central Unified School District announces new superintendent
The Central Unified School District has announced its new superintendent -- and it's a familiar name.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Central Unified School District has named its new superintendent. Longtime educator Ketti Davis will take on the role, effective immediately.

The district hired a consultant and conducted a nationwide search, but ultimately picked a familiar face.

Davis is the first teacher from Central Unified to serve as the district's superintendent. It's a full circle moment for the educator, who began her career in 1992 at Madison Elementary in Southwest Fresno.

"This will be my 30th year. This summer is when I got my first contract at Central Unified, and so most of my career has been here in Central," explained Davis.

Davis has also served as an instructional support coach, technology trainer and principal, just to name a few of her positions. The wide range of experience has opened her eyes to the many departments that interact with one other.

And after having served as acting superintendent since June of last year, Davis believes building relationships will be a key element to keeping students on the track to success.

"We have that foundation, we have connections with entities that can really help wrap around our school and support our students, and help us grow some of our programs, and that's already in place," said Davis.

Looking to the future, Davis shared some of the changes and celebrations that are already in the works.

She's also sharing a message with families that giving students options and keeping them engaged will be a priority.

"In a career choice, or college choice, and in our programs and our partnerships is what is going to make that happen," explained Davis.

"Getting students back, stabilized in classrooms, engaged in activities. And we are going to need to continue that work," said Davis.

Superintendent Davis will lead a district of over 16,000 students and tells Action News she is excited to serve right where she got her start.