Charity and Dotun talk about life after finding love on 'The Bachelorette'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Charity and Dotun talk about finding love on The Bachelorette
Jennifer Matarese interviews Charity and Dotun about what's next for them after finding love on "The Bachelorette."

NEW YORK -- "The Bachelorette" Charity Lawson has found her prince charming in Dotun Olubeko.

Charity offered Dotun the final rose on Monday night's finale.

"It's overwhelming, but in the most beautiful way," Charity said.

Dotun in return, paused for a moment and then got down on one knee with a Neil Lane diamond ring, once he knew for sure that Charity had chosen him.

"I went into the rose ceremony with the understanding that I might not be the one, and that was a painful thing to think about," Dotun said. "I think just as a self-defense mechanism, I was like, I am not going to think that this is going to happen until I am for sure certain."

"I was literally cheesin' from ear to ear!" he said.

It was a beautiful proposal and the pair are excited to start their lives together. But first on their agenda, "Dancing with the Stars."

Charity says she does not have a dance background however, she was a cheerleader and is hoping that can help her succeed.

"I'm going to learn so much and it will be an overall fun experience," she said. "I can hold a beat, learn an A count quick, but otherwise, no experience."

"I'll be in the audience acting the damn fool, screaming and hollering and cheering her on so much, I'm her biggest supporter and biggest fan," Dotun said.

As for their weddings, yes weddings, they hope to have a traditional US ceremony and a Nigerian ceremony, "Sooner rather than later." Neither wants to have an engagement that stretches on for years on end.

Lastly, both were very excited for runner-up Joey, who was cast as the new "Bachelor." Charity had some advice for her former suitor.

"Day by day, take it and be present in every single moment," she said. "He has all the necessary tools to be successful to be successful in all this. Hopefully, he gets some outstanding girls cast, I know he will!"