Clovis community mourns after beloved 'Dancing Man' hit and killed by car

'He knew he was loved by many people.'
CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Clovis doctor is dead after being hit by a car on Bullard Avenue Saturday night.

Police say that man was 57-year-old Dr. Sidney Carpenter, a pathologist at Kaiser Permanente.

When Carpenter was not working at the hospital, chances are you could see him dancing on the sidewalk at the intersection of Bullard and Temperance.

He did it so often, people in the area called him the 'Dancing Man'.

The community gathered on Sunday night for a candlelight vigil, honoring a man who brought joy and inspiration to their lives - although many had never even met him.

"He knew he was well-loved, he used to always tell me he was well-loved by the community. He knew he was loved by many people," said Sonhai Hackett-Carpenter.

Saturday night, he was crossing Bullard Avenue when he was struck by a car.

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The driver remained there and answered officers' questions, but Carpenter died at the scene.

Community members are still shocked by the tragedy.

"We needed him in Clovis, we need more people like that in Clovis," said Herman Nagra.

A legend to each person who passed him, the dancing doctor lives on in their hearts.

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