More parents turning to tutors for extra help with distance learning

Tutors say now they're trying to keep up with the high demand.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As families settle into a new normal this school year, more and more parents are turning to tutors for extra assistance.

Working parent Nicole Ensalaco has two students adapting to distance learning this year.

"I knew going into this year that the kids were going to need extra help," said Ensalaco. "Hiring a tutor seems to be the only viable option to support the specific needs of students who learn differently, who needs those visuals."

The added cost is something she had to budget.

"Parents shouldn't have to choose between educating their children and putting food on the table," said Ensalaco. "I'm having to adjust and make time and room and find ways to support my kids by paying a tutor."

To tackle this new form of education, she's one of many parents turning to a tutor for extra help.

"Online learning isn't necessarily something we've done before, and parents and teachers could both use that extra help," said math tutor, Noppakan Sirikul.

Tutors we spoke with say now they're trying to keep up with the high demand.

"Two more parents reached out, but I simply don't have enough room in my schedule," said Sirikul.

"It blew up," said tutor Wendy Galaviz. "I had so many messages saying I need a tutor, and they were from different schools all around Clovis. It was kind of overwhelming."

At the end of the day, it's about making sure kids can keep up with their coursework.

"Maybe their teacher isn't going over it the way they're used to seeing it," said Sirikul. "I'm asking them what would help you? What could I do to help you?"

"At this point, there's no choice," said Ensalaco. "It's an essential."
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