Clovis Unified sends home packets, provides online resources for students

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clovis East's gym looked anything but normal Monday morning. Rows of tables were filled with take-home packets for students, and a gym floor was marked to show students where they needed to stand to maintain social distance.

Students have faced a whole week without seeing their teachers in the classroom, but it's not stopping them from keeping up with their studies.

"Our teachers jumped straight into organization and production mode and met virtually or in small groups to develop curriculum and lesson plans," said Kelly Avants, a spokesperson for Clovis Unified.

As soon as word spread that the district would close their doors until the 14th of April, teachers got to work.

"The very first step was knowing what type of capacity kids had at home, reaching out to every family in our district to find out do they need paperwork? Do they have online resources? Do they need phone calls or emails?" said Avants.

Each teacher developed packets for their students to keep their kids up to date on everything they would have done in the classroom.

"Every family situation is different," Avants continued. "I might have no computer at home, I might have a computer and an iPad and Chrome Book or I might have a computer and five kids, so we recognize that there are unique needs of each family."

In addition to the packets, students have a variety of online resources and different ways to keep in touch with their teachers.

"You've got this, we can do it together," added Avants. "We are still here for you. We're going to be your partner in it. Even though you can't see us, we're not giving you that morning high five at the classroom door. We are still here."

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