There's a new entrance for this year's Clovis Rodeo

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- For more than a decade now, the Clovis Rodeo has provided the Central Valley with a fun, family-friendly event.

Over the years some changes have been made here and there, but for this year's Rodeo people will enter the grounds in a new way.

A new entrance is currently under construction off Clovis and 7th street cutting through the Fresno-Clovis Rail trail.

"The plan was to develop it from 7th street all the way through to make traffic a lot easier," said Clovis ORdeo board member Ron Dunbar.

Dunbar said it's more than just an entrance, it's a huge help.

With Clark Intermediate School next door, it's expected to alleviate congestion for the tens of thousands of people who attend.

"There is a lot of traffic and parents dropping kids off at the Junior High and horse trailers and 40 foot rigs coming in. We thought another entrance would just make it a lot safer," Dunbar said.

To make it happen, the Rodeo Board had to purchase and destroy and old gas station that was blocking the path.

It will be used this year, but it won't be completed until the next.

They're also looking at adding a new media board to greet guests.

"We'll have a curb and gutter, landscaping all the way up to the bull with a nice walkway, so we're excited," Dunbar said.

That's not the only new addition to 2020 Clovis Rodeo.

Next year they're also looking at adding to the tradition, with an additional day.

Early bird tickets go on sale starting Monday, but only for that week.
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