Mirrors being used at Community Regional Medical Center to help babies develop

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A mirror at baby Trey's bedside has been vital for his learning.

For the last six weeks, the preemie hasn't been able to see his mom's face since masks are required at all hospitals.

It's been tough for his mother, Madison Hofmann.

"I want to go and kiss him, but I feel like the mask makes it feel so disconnected," she said.

Medical staff at Community Regional Medical Center grew concerned about his developmental health since he couldn't see facial expressions.

"The way that they learn to smile is by seeing their parents, by learning that behavior," said nurse educator Sarah Tharp.

Tharp and her team came up with a solution.

"We really wanted to get more mirrors in the crib and have the babies have an opportunity to see their own faces so they understand what a normal face looks like," she said.

Tharp said being able to see a parents face or in this case, their own, is vital for a babies brain development

The mirrors also helped Madison bond her with her son in a new way.

"As part of the kangaroo time, you could see your babies face and it really brought a lot of joy to us," she said.

Trey was born prematurely at just 29 weeks. He weighed a little over two pounds at birth.

Medical devices had to be attached to him so he could survive.

"I never thought that this was going to be our reality, but it was and it was a very scary, scary time," she said.

Day-by-day, Trey has grown stronger. Madison can now bottle feed him.

The pandemic has changed a lot for her but she says the love she feels for Trey will always be consistent.

Trey was finally able to go Tuesday. Madison said ahw is excited to finally spend family time together, and for Trey to bond with his big brother.
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