Craft Beauty

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Craft Beauty
Dianne Duva is picky about the products she puts on her skin-- so, she's gone back to the basics.

Dianne Duva is picky about the products she puts on her skin-- so, she's gone back to the basics.

"I've incorporated craft beauty products almost exclusively into my beauty regimen," said Duva.

Duva is not the only one crazy for craft. Licensed skin care therapist and beauty expert to the stars Stacy Cox sees the trend, too. While there's no standard definition, she says typically, products are: handcrafted by small, independent companies and made with primarily organic or natural ingredients, often locally-grown

"What they are focusing on predominantly are using natural ingredients things that don't have a lot of chemicals, preservatives, things that are not tested on animals," said Cox.

And, most often, products are made in small batches.

Entrepreneur Kristin Fraser creates her custom skin and haircare products almost daily.

"Small batches are super important because it give us control over what we're going to make."

You can find craft soaps, lotions, shampoos, and cosmetics that tout ingredients like lemongrass, lavender, and grapeseed.

While you can buy in boutiques or at farmers' markets, many brands sell online.

Experts tell us millennial's lead this demand.

"When I go shopping for food and beauty products I view them to be very much, very much one and the same," said Duva.

But beauty products are not regulated the same as food. The FDA has no definition for "organic" when it comes to cosmetics-- and the agency reminds consumers that "an ingredient's source does not determine its safety."

Duva said she researches her products, and plans to keep getting crafty.

"It's a way to know where the products you're putting on your skin, where they came from."

So how do you know which craft products are right for you? Beauty experts suggest, as with any cosmetics, do a "patch test" on a small, hidden part of your skin to make sure you don't have an adverse reaction.

You should also check expiration dates since small batch products often have a short shelf life.