Mountain businesses push on after Creek Fire damages shops

FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Creek Fire destroyed hundreds of structures and has impacted some businesses.

"You can see all the rings, the toilet rings, all the drains from the shower drains," said Canaan Gonzales looking through the ashes of the fire.

He can remember the equipment and tools that once filled his family business Mark's Plumbing in Pine Ridge.

"A lot was lost, but we're confident we will get back to it. We'll be able to get through this no problem. A lot were affected a lot more then I was. I'm eager to help those people," Gonzales said.

He showed us around his former garage, which was located next to his parent's home.

The fire tore through the shop, but He was able to get his trucks out. He's been working through this trying time.

"We were evacuated. My wife was just over 39 weeks pregnant, so we had a baby coming during the evacuation. I felt it was important to stay busy and keep the cash flow coming," Gonzales said.

Mountain resident and painting company owner Tommy Vlahavas's business office and storage burned to the ground.

"We got most of the major equipment out like the pumps, pressure washers. So in that respect, we are doing good. We can keep working," said Vlahavas.

The two companies are the latest to be gifted large cargo containers from M & M Screen Printing so they can house their supplies safely.

"Wherever you put a c-train, if it needs to be painted, just have them call me, and we will take care of it," Vlahavas said.

As for Gonzales, he estimates tens of thousands of dollars were lost in the fire. He's still trying to get much-needed plumbing equipment like a drain machine.

Now with his cargo container, he's ready for a new start. He also has a new fan to cheer him along the way, a three-week baby boy that's giving him even more inspiration.

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