Creek Fire donation center travels uphill to aid with re-entry efforts

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Knowing the challenges evacuees are faced with first-hand, Lindsay Brown and a team of volunteers are gathering essentials to ease families back to their homes.

"That's just how we work up here. We're just there for each other and we're just one big family and we're here to help out," Brown says.

Brown says, "We try to keep things that are easy that they can cook in a hotel. For the people returning, they're coming back to disgusting refrigerators and so they need a lot of cleaning supplies and they need to get those fridges restocked."

What started at a donation distribution center in Prather is now at The Shaver lake Community Center, now open weekdays from 11-4 and 9-5 on weekends.

"We have been trying to keep the donation center following the repopulation," Brown said.

As hundreds have been able to re-enter zones to sift through what remains, many are left wondering if and when they'll return.

CAL FIRE, forest service, tree and utility crews have been working in front of re-entry areas to repair infrastructure.

Full containment for the Creek Fire won't be until the end of October, but CALFIRE Battalion Chief Seth Brown says that doesn't necessarily mean everyone will be back in their homes by then.

"It takes a long time to make primary and secondary containment lines as well as get water 100-300 feet in that area," he says.

Crews could be seen re-enforcing the area near Huntington lake. Many road blocks are in place as crews with heavy equipment are moving throughout.

Brown adds, "we just want to remind everyone thank you for being patient with us. With the repopulation and re-entry, we just want to make it safe for everyone."
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