Latino Life: Man trapped during Creek Fire goes viral with pleas in Spanish

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A mechanic went viral with his Facebook live pleas for help as the Creek Fire trapped him and others during a Labor Day Weekend camping trip.

"Estamos atrapados aqui en Mammoth Lake pool, no podemos salir de aqui," Erick Saravia said on Facebook live on the evening of Saturday, September 5, 2020 as the Creek Fire cut off the only road in and out of the area. Saravia is a Southern California mechanic and part-time DJ who also goes by El Meka en Los Angeles.

He says he and his friends helped other campers who were trapped in the water and we're choking on smoke from the approaching fire.

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Members of the California National Guard eventually rescued and transported Saravia and dozens of others. Saravia lost his belongings in the fire including a van and his tools.

He says he's grateful for those who helped everyone escape the flames. Here's a transcription of one of Saravia's chilling pleas on Facebook Live that went viral with more than 1 million views.

Erick Saravia: "Ay comparta. Estamos atrapados aqui en Mammoth Lake pool. No podemos salir de aqui. Estamos buscando un area segura.

Como pueden ver todo el cerro garro fuego todo, todo. Son acres immensos.

Son acres, comparta, comparta este video ok. Ay aproximadamente tres cientos o quatro cientos personas atropadas el la oria de lago que no pueden salir no pueden evacuar. Estamos aqui querendo buscar una salida pero no podemos salir."


Erick Saravia: "Hey, share! We're trapped here in Mammoth Pool. We cannot get out. We're looking for a secure area. As you can see the hill is on fire, all of it. All. These are enormous acres, acres! Share, share this video ok?

There are approximately 300-400 people trapped by the lake that cannot leave, cannot evacuate. We're here wanting to find a way out but we cannot."

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Latino Life applauds Erick and his friends for their bravery at Mammoth Pool as they helped pull out several campers who were stuck.

He has a GoFundMe page set up and is hoping to replace his tools, van and other belongings.
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